Company information

ADECON is a transport and forwarding company specialising in the comprehensive implementation of multimodal (combined) transports. Highest quality of services is our benchmark. ADECON is also a logistics operator focusing on handling hazardous and temperature-controlled cargo. Using own assets (fleet of trucks, warehouses, customs warehouse, container depot, customs agencies) and through a network of partners, we support businesses of our customers around the world.

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ADECON Brochure: Scope of services - English version [size: 7MB]

ADECON Brochure: Scope of services - Polish version [size: 7.1MB]

ADECON Leaflet - Food transport - English version [size: 892,5 KB]

Logobook and logotypes

When you quote or prepare marketing content, please use our company logotypes and symbols according to our logobook standards.

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ADECON logobook [size: 1.1 MB]

ADECON  logotypes pack [size: 1.9 MB]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a management strategy according to which companies voluntarily take into account social interests, environmental aspects or relations with different stakeholder groups, especially employees, in their activities.

For ADECON, being socially responsible means investing in people, including those in need, in environmental protection and in relations with our company's surroundings. We engage both in activities for the benefit of the local community, as well as going much further, supporting people and institutions outside the area of our company's operations.

Find out more about our CSR initiatives and projects.

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