What is CSR for ADECON?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a management strategy according to which companies voluntarily take into account social interests, environmental aspects or relations with different stakeholder groups, especially employees, in their activities.

For ADECON, being socially responsible means investing in people, including those in need, in environmental protection and in relations with our company's surroundings. We engage both in activities for the benefit of the local community, as well as going much further, supporting people and institutions outside the area of our company's operations.


How do we support in practice?

Wheelchairtrip Michał Woroch

ADECON is not only about logistics, but also about involvement in a number of social initiatives. We have supported local sports organisations (Zieloni Koźminek, Ironfit Kalisz Sports Club). We are not indifferent to people in need, hence our involvement in such initiatives as the Szlachetna Paczka.

We draw energy from those who overcome their own limitations, and we are proud to be able to help them realise their plans. One of the projects we are involved in as a logistics partner is the 'Wheelchairtrip Michal Woroch'. As Michal says: "In travelling, it is not only important to get to the destination. The destination is also the journey itself. Into the depths, into the self. The journey is always a learning experience - about oneself and about relationships with other people. As people with disabilities, there are bound to be many difficulties that we want to overcome, because the passion for travel is a matter of the mind, not the body. With this project, we want to show people with and without disabilities that nothing is impossible."

You can read more about the project at: https://michalworoch.com/wheelchairtrip/

Support for the Single Mother's Home in Odolanów

Ekipa Rower to jest świat is on the road again! We helped with an expedition to the USA, we also helped in Scandinavia - this year Wojtek and Mateusz went to Africa - together again we support the Single Mother's Home in Odolanów.

Every year we play for WOŚP

As ADECON, we help all year round and continually support various charitable events, but this one is particularly close to our heart, as we have been the part of it for many years. In 2022, all of the donations went towards providing the highest standards of diagnostics and vision treatment for children. Following its completion, ADECON doubled the amount raised, which we collectively donated to this worthy cause.