Location: Ryszarda Chomicza 17, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie (WROCLAW, POLAND) 
ADECON Battery Warehouse is the warehouse with hallmark on the top quality and compliance with extremely demanding safety standards, given its intended use mainly for lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries – ADR Class 9-UN 3480. The rack system used in the warehouse is equipped with sprinklers.   
Each pallet space has an individual sprinkler, further supported by sprinklers hung from the ceiling of the warehouse hall.  
The facility provides continuous thermal imaging monitoring of all stored goods (in addition to standard CCTV surveillance cameras). Thermal imaging will detect deviations in time for the object to be safely removed from the warehouse and for sprinklers not to be activated. It helps to protect (undamaged goods located in an adjacent area from being flooded).  
Each rack is reinforced and separated with a metal cover, which provides additional protection for the goods in case of fire. This ensures that the potential fire will not immediately spread to subsequent batches. At the same time should sprinklers be needed, water will only accumulate on one rack.  
ADECON Battery Warehouse is the first facility to meet the highest safety standards in Europe for Li-Ion batteries

 Technical Parameters: 

  • Storage area of 7020 m2 - including 3500m2 with rack system. The whole area of 7020 m2 can be easily  adjusted and equipped with rack system. 
  • Unique temperature control system - permanent thermal imaging installation with 24-hour monitoring. 
  • The rack system meets the requirements of the latest PN-EN 15512:2020 standard. 
  • Available 5196 EPAL in racks:   4088 EPAL protected by a sprinkler system, as required for storage of Li-Ion batteries with the highest fire load parameters 
  • In addition, half of the hall (3500m2) - the floor alone with the possibility of separating about 1200 EPAL with sprinkler protection overhead.  
  • Storage in row shelves - 5 levels, 4 of which are protected by sprinklers. The fifth level is for neutral cargo. 
  • The racks are equipped with sprinklers of type K240 in accordance with FM Global and NFPA standards, ensuring the pressure in the system at 2.4 bar. 
  • Video system, hall monitoring, security, office/hall entrance registration system 
  • Shelves in accordance with the latest PN-EN 15512:2020 standard 
  • 13 ramps, 1 flat additionally 
  • Very good location, intersections of A8/S8/A4  

Location: Dębe 47a, 62-817 (near KALISZ, POLAND). 
We offer professional logistics services, including:

  • receipt of goods from the customer;
  • manual unloading and loading of 20 and 40-foot containers;
  • quantity and quality control of goods upon arrival at the warehouse, with the preparation of protocols and taking photos;
  • storage of goods in high-storage shelves;
  • storage of goods in assembly shelves (so-called small items);
  • preparation of goods for shipment, including assembly and packaging;
  • further distribution of goods.

Goods warehousing:

  • ADR;
  • Neutral;
  • Customs.

With 3260 M2 of space and 4680 pallet spaces, we offer efficient storage options for your goods. Our 6 ramps allow for smooth and quick loading and unloading. 
Thanks to our professional team, 95% of unloading is completed in less than 30 minutes. 
We ensure the safety and easy access to goods through our advanced System stow Atlas® technology. Tasks are transferred to the device by the forklift operator via a remote control. After the task is completed, the platform returns to its original position and can be moved to another location using a forklift. Each platform is equipped with a high-performance lithium battery (up to 16 hours of continuous work) and a short full recharge time of 3 hours. The facility also has a modern fire protection system and alarm system that are responsible for the safety of the goods entrusted to us, and 24-hour security is provided on the premises.

Ryszarda Chomicza 17, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie (WROCLAW, POLAND) 
Dębe 47a, 62-817 (near KALISZ, POLAND). 

In a Bonded Warehouse, imported goods intended for export can be stored without actually entering the market of that country. This essentially creates a duty-free zone by exempting firms from paying customs fees while the items are stored here. The importer and warehouse operator take responsibility under a warehouse customs bond when the products are received in the warehouse. When the goods are ready to be delivered or exported, all necessary duties, taxes, and customs fees are then postponed until after they leave the warehouse. 
Bonded commodities may be sorted, repacked, or go through other manufacturing changes while they are being kept in the warehouse and being watched over by a customs official. Bonded raw materials may proceed through a variety of production processes even when the duties and taxes haven't been paid yet. 
The goods are then either delivered to the consumer or exported to the next location following any alterations. 
The products can be released from the warehouse once all applicable duties and taxes have been paid. Similar to bonded customs warehouses, these costs must be paid only once the items are released. While fees and inspections must be done right away for non-bonded warehouses.