Air Transport

We won't be charming you with marketing promises, declarations of using unique technologies, our own service or millions of completed air shipments, but we have something that determines your success with us - our great love for air shipments. Of course, it's not something that can be measured, but we repay trust with always great commitment.  
Let us transport your cargo and see that it becomes a true passion for us from the first contact! 
Air transport with ADECON guarantees reliability, speed, and safety. As a registered IATA agent, we collaborate directly with all airlines. HTFN network allows us to provide our customers with a global door-to-door service. 
We have experience in transporting hazardous materials, and our cooperation with Civil Aviation Authorities enables us to effectively provide approvals for flights with such goods. 

Furthermore, we specialize in delivering fresh goods, such as fish to the US or beef to Japan. We also serve industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • FMCG
  • Chemical
  • Production

We also handle fair and show shipments, providing our customers with full support and services at the highest level. 
Our 'COURIER ON BOARD' service is ideal for goods requiring urgent deliveries. And when every moment counts, and breakdowns and malfunctions are inevitable, you need immediate help from a professional partner who lives and breathes unique situations. Our air freight team is equipped with unlimited experience and exceptional skills that allow them to deliver your goods at an express pace, even in the most critical moments.  
Our main export destinations are Korea, the US, and Australia, and import destinations are the US and China
We always take an individual approach to our clients by providing a guarantee of direct contact with the shipping agent responsible for the handling of a specific air transport. 
We are the enemy of routine, so we always search for individual solutions and tailor them to the needs of our clients. 
Thanks to digitalization, we will provide the ability to track the transport’s progress and access shipping documentation. Trust us and enjoy reliable air transport! 


  • Fast delivery is a priority
  • The goods are of high value
  • The goods are sensitive to temperature and moisture changes
  • The goods have a short shelf life.