By Defender from Poland to Australia!

We are extremely pleased that ADECON once again became the logistics partner supporting Kuba and Michal in their expedition "YOU CAN - An expedition - barriers are in the head". After more than a year of preparation, they are setting off in a fully loaded Defender towards Australia.  Read what Kuba and Michal write about their expedition!

'YOU CAN - An expedition about the fact that the barriers are in the head' is just starting. I have so much excitement that I can't find the right words. After more than a year of preparation, including rehabilitation, building the car and discussions with partners, we are setting off in a fully loaded Defender towards Australia. We have a long route ahead of us, including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and East Timor to reach our destination.

Many thousands of kilometres to cover - recalling the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "The road to happiness is like the road to distant places; we cannot merely skip to a place, but must conquer each stage on our way."

For more than six months, we will be travelling in an old Defender, the same one I used to cross the Americas in the company of Maciej Kaminski. The idea for this expedition was born during my intensive rehabilitation, on which I spent a huge amount of time. Three years ago, the cure for my illness was invented, and thanks to the treatment with "Nusinersen" and intensive exercises, I was able to stop its progression. For more than two years, I have been learning to get up from my wheelchair with the support of physiotherapists and special orthoses. The process of verticalisation will not make me walk, but it is a difficult and painful rehabilitation process, which is essential to maintain correct posture and stimulate the cardiovascular system.

During the expedition, I would like to continue verticalisation - I will stand up with my knees locked and take photographs in unique places. For each photo, we want to include important stories, experiences and our own thoughts, as well as stories from the people we will meet during our expedition.

With travel greetings, 

Kuba and Michael 

The team of the expedition "YOU CAN - An expedition about the fact that the barriers are in your head"
Jakub Kujawski 
Michał Woroch - 

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