A new warehouse for ADR goods

At the end of the year, we completed the construction of a new warehouse complex. The company managed to complete this difficult project in less than two years from the moment of its design to its final commissioning.


The project is the result of the implementation of the company's new strategy: strengthening its position on ADR logistics market and complements the company's offer in order to serve the entire supply chain of ADECON customers.


The warehouse built in Dębe, near Kalisz (at road 470, 40 km from the A2 motorway) has an area of 2,000 m2, which, with a storage height of over 12 m, allows you to store about 3,500 pallets in two different types of racks.


Together with STOW company (a well-known manufacturer of racks from Belgium), we developed a system of drive-in racks for individual needs, using semi-automatic trolleys transporting shuttle pallets. This is a unique implementation in a hazardous materials warehouse.


The hall meets the highest environmental protection (SEVESO) and fire protection requirements.


In the middle of last year, we completed the modernisation and extension of the container depot for the storage of hazardous materials and RF refrigerated containers and therefore increased the capacity of simultaneous storage to 250 TEU.

As of 1st March, the company is also expanding its range of services with a customs warehouse for sea containers handled at the depot.

Author: Michał Gurzyński – Managing Director