Ensure the safety of your goods with Michal Zawodni! 

Ensure the safety of your goods with Michal Zawodni

Planning to send hazardous goods out into the world, but worried about packing them correctly in a container? Are you unsure whether everything will be secured in such a way that no inspection service will have any comments? Michal knows how to help you!  

Recently we were faced with an unusual challenge - a small amount of goods that had to be secured in a 40-foot refrigerated container. The situation confronted us with several difficulties:

  • The container was large and the goods were few in number, making it impossible for them to fill the floor on their own and to span the walls, which is crucial for safety.
  • The goods had to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment, which required special solutions in a reefer container where fixing options are limited.
  • In order to meet this challenge, we decided on an unusual approach - we first took the goods to our warehouse, where they were properly packed and secured, and only then did they go into the container. Such an operation would have been impossible at the customer's warehouse.
  • And most importantly - everything was done perfectly in time, without generating additional costs and with the possibility of arriving at the ship in port on time.

If you too need professional help in securing and packing hazardous goods, don't hesitate to contact Michal!  He knows how to ensure the safety of your goods and give you peace of mind during transport.

Feel free to contact us: https://adecon.eu/en/contacts